Executive Management

Eng.Tawfik Salah ElDin Diab

Vice Chairman and Managing Director

 Mr. Diab brings in a wealth of experience in the investment and financial sectors to ADI. Previously working as an analyst and contributing to various investment projects in the agricultural and industrial industries through PICO Group, his knowledge is invaluable. Mr. Diab also has experience in the financial services sector and the stock exchange. Mr. Diab is also the CEO for PICO Investments, an arm he established. As of 2008 Mr. Diab became Vice Chairman and Managing Director of ADI. He is designing and managing the implementation of our new investment strategies, providing valuable vision to our professional teams and ensuring successful outcomes that benefit all of ADI’s shareholders.

Mr.Amr EL Badry

General Manager

Mr. El Badry has vast experience in the banking sector’s management and operations units. He previously worked in several of Egypt’s successful banking institutions namely Misr International Bank. He spent more than 20 years at MIBank, reaching the position of branch manager. Mr. El Badry’s branch portfolio reached up to EGP 800 million in deposits and EGP 400 million in loans. He was appointed as the General Manager of ADI in early 2009 and has successfully undertaken the implementation of the restructuring strategies adopted by the board. His efforts are evidently reflected on the company’s financial statements.

Mr.Walid El Ogail

General Manager for Finance and Administration

 Mr. El Ogail has over 25 years of practical experience in the financial and administration management field. Working in both the private and public sectors, Mr. Ogail has experience in banking sectors and in international organizations namely UNDP and USAID projects. All of his experience has provided and added perspectives to his business approach. Mr. Ogail participated in the Egyptian Privatization implementation scheme, where he also acquired extensive procurement analysis and valuation experience. Joining ADI since its foundation in 1995, he is currently the General Manager for Finance and Administration, an irreplaceable member of our management team.

Mr. Sameh Mohie el Deen

Investment Manager

 Mr. Sameh brings insightful and extensive Investment and capital markets activities experience. His experience , has taken him through various senior roles in private equity, investment banking and Consulting services . Assuming a Senior Management Role in major Investment houses Mr. Sameh worked successfully on numerous Investment deals in different sectors including Energy , Retail , Food & Beverages ...etc. Mr. Sameh is currently the Investment Manager at Al Ahly for Development and Investment (“ADI”), responsible for managing the company’s private equity portfolio in addition to launching new capital ventures. Mr. Sameh also is the Investment Manager for Bedaya Fund the first government funded fund for SME's with volume 134 million EGP . 

Mr.Mohamad Amer

Investment Manager - Financial leasing

Mr. Amer’s practical experience in the investment banking branch of the banking sector as a financial analyst and asset manager at United Ahly Bank provided him with a logical vision and practical policy approach in the investment banking services field. Mr. Amer participated in dealing with international markets such as the Gulf and African region as well as the United Kingdom. In addition he managed IPO’s for clients worth EGP 500 million. Joining ADI in mid 2007, Mr. Amer holds the position of Investment Manager where he is also responsible for the management of all financial leasing activities through ADI’s leasing affiliation NFL. He holds the post as the General Manager at NFL. Mr. Amer’s academic achievements also include a CFA certificate

Mr. Mohamad el Rakhawy

Internal Audit Manager

He is an ex KPMG Associate Manager (1991-2010) with almost 19 year working experience in the Audit and Internal Audit field , in addition to on hand practical experience as the CFO of Borak Holding Capital for almost  one year . As a holder of CPA he brings to ADI an in depth vision for the accounting function that would reflect positively on ADI's Policies & Procedures and its adaptation of Corporate Governance polices to maintain its position as one of the top companies listed in the Egyptian stock exchange.