Corporate Governance

Our business objective is to maintain our leadership in providing the best returns on investments, creating innovative products and entering investments with immense potential for our clients. We are committed to maintain the highest caliber of employees at ADI to keep our client base satisfied.

Maintaining a solid financial position depends on providing the best financial services to our clients. It is essential to continuously maximize our earnings and build long term success with care. It is ADI's full responsibility to provide our shareholders with accurate and honest information regarding our financial position based on the Egyptian Stock Exchange laws and regulations. We at ADI employees are designated and committed to preserving our company's assets, information and resources.  

2a) Protecting company resources and assets

We are all expected to make every effort to ensure that intellectual property and ADI's know-how and projects are protected. We are accountable to our shareholders for safeguarding our company’s assets.

2b) Accurate financial reporting

As part of our commitment to having accuracy in communication, we record all financial transactions according to the proper accounting rules and standards as required by Egyptian laws and regulations. All of our financial books and records properly account for all assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses. Our financial statements reflect our financial position accurately and honestly. ADI complies with the rules and regulations of the Capital Market Authority and the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

1d) Complying with laws and regulations
ADI is committed to adhering to the highest standards of business practices, and abiding by all laws and regulations that we are subject to. ADI is also committed to complying with all corporate governance and internal control rules that we are subject to as well as all legal obligations as required by our shareholders.

General Meetings

ADI General Assembly (general shareholders meeting) holds ordinary or extraordinary meetings according to the agenda topics and in light of the provisions of laws and regulations.

(DOWNLOADABLE Resolutions and Invitations from Assemblies)

  • Manage its affairs based upon authorization delegated by ADI General Assembly; the final responsibility for ADI remains under the Board.
  • Provide entrepreneurial leadership of ADI within a framework of prudent and effective controls, which enables risk to be assessed and managed.
  • Reserve to ADI its major strategic and financial decisions.
  • Oversee and assess ADI performance.
  • Ensure the integrity of ADI accounting and financial reporting systems.
  • Define the ADI values and standards and ensure that its obligations to its stakeholders are understood and met.
  • The Board takes full responsibility towards the environment, the community, employees, customers, government authorities, media bodies and suppliers.