Established in 1995 as a joint stock company with authorized capital of EGP 500 million and paid in capital of EGP 200 million, under investment and capital markets laws, ADI was the first venture capital company in Egypt. We are an investor driven company that provides structured products and services to meet the growing demand of our selected client base as well as our rapid expansions.
Since the change of board in 2008, ADI benefited from the innovative members leading its operations to expand in the financial sector offering Private Equity, Asset Management and Financial Leasing. ADI recently built a strategic alliance with CHF Investment Bank that is managed by a reputed team and that possesses one of the fastest growing brokerage arms in the country, climbing up the ranks from 68th, in 2008 to 6th, in 2009.

Sheikh Fahd El Shobokshi, Chairman of the Board of ADI, contributes a great deal of experience and knowledge to the company, a major investor in the Egyptian market he is admired for his achievements and known for his efficiency. Mr. Tawfik Diab is the Vice Chairman as well as the Managing Director, his vast experience and active involvement in several industries adds to ADI’s credibility. He is reputed to be an innovative director and mainly gained his knowledge from his work with PICO Investments acting also as their Managing Director and CEO, an arm of PICO Group. Moving on to the General Manager, Mr Amr El Badry, contributes a great deal to ADI with his wealth of experience in the banking sector’s management and operational branches. Mr. El Badry previously worked with some of Egypt’s successful banking institutions namely MIBank, gaining a solid experience in Egypt’s banking sector.

Offering a multidisciplinary approach, ADI is an organization that consists of high moral and consistent business practices ensuring that our shareholders capital is wisely dispensed and carefully handled. We believe that consistent and moral business practices lead to a strong investor-company relationship thus making our dealings admirable, responsible and reliable.